Elegant Intimacy in Thirukkural


  • Dr. Sri. Pa. Dhevarajan


Even eternity enshrines love as the purest feeling and it never can be ignored or isolated from the main stream life. It is a very soft word with mild feeling and has peculiar, precious attitude yet can cause mighty wars, calamities, disasters, drought etc. It oozes even through air tight compartments; shatters hard minds and melts mighty feelings. Its birth is time immemorial; reason for love is either pathos or blind feeling and attachment; sometimes reasons for love cannot be explained. At times infatuation is also considered as love; but vanishes away like a mirage. It is a feeling which affects the tender minds and shakes / shocks all the five senses. It is capable of overlooking every hurdle that meets with: yet it is an alien to the elders and instinct to the youngsters. It is a lovely feeling, mesmerizing mentality and induces a dreaming, floating ecstasy among the teenagers. It is universal, it has no color, caste, creed etc. love is a heavenly feeling but lust is its secret comrade; it moves towards lust unknowingly and ends with intimacy among lovers. Separation feeds it; mild touches nurture its expectations and in total every soul in this world needs it and wants it. Forms may differ but functioning is same.


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