Howling of a Cow

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Dr. Sri. Pa. Dhevarajan


I am not happy with your attitude and activities my master.

You mercilessly kill all my essential feelings and brutally

Squeeze all my emotions and basic needs. You suck my entire

Blood in the form of milk and many a time kill my calf for a

Better yielding. You  never bother about my tears and mourns.

When I whimper for my labor, you prepare for artificial insemination.

When my vagina swells for a bullock’s mating; you offer only clinical pregnancy.

I hate myself, when a veterinary doctor inserts his vulnerable thick hands

In my uterus, my whole body shivers and shakes because my basic expectation is shattered.

Helplessly reproduce a calf without basic feel and necessary inputs. It is just a numbed

Figure (fetus) made up of flesh and blood not with ferocious qualities. My community,

Bullock and cow, is misused to the maximum for your selfishness. My feminine

Feel expects a bull to lick my body, smells my urine, and then pierce my vulva and

Pour his soul water in my uterus. If it happens, my whole body shrinks out of happiness and

The fetus will be ferocious and active with essential qualities. Instead you generate a senseless

Fetus within me and it is also separated from me after birth for your least benefits. In my

Gestation period too, milk is sucked till my last drop. You never allow me to lick my lovable calf

And pour all my love and affection. We both are separated from day one itself. Even if I groan or

Howl, you will not bother because your mind is filled not with sympathy and humanity but with

Merciless qualities and thirst for wealth. I have had a question to you master, “Will you apply all

These impotent procedures in your own life master”?!.

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