Terms and Conditions

Publication Fees

Free Publication: We do not ask for any fee from authors who do not have institutional funding. They can publish for free. This applies to authors from any country in the world. Proof-reading and final formatting of the paper shall be done by the author/s. Authors can seek the services of proof-reading and formatting the final version through a third party agency.

Institutional Funding Fee: Jai Maa Saraswati Gyandayni  an International Multidisciplinary e-Journal accepts only institutional funding for promotion and maintenance of the journal and its resources. Institutional funding fee is charged after completion of the peer review process and acceptance of the article. Authors with institutional affiliation should declare funding opportunities and commitments at the time of submission and contact the publisher after the acceptance of the article at jmsjournals.in@gmail.com  for processing disbursements.

Institutional Funding Amount: 100 USD

Other Terms and Conditions

Authors are requested to read the following Terms and Conditions very carefully while making. Submissions shall not be accepted unless author(s) submit a copy of  Copyright agreement form & Terms and Conditions with signature of all the authors responsible for the article entry thereof.

  • Copyright: The authors give Jai Maa Saraswati Gyandayni  an International Multidisciplinary e-Journal exclusive, all-language-use copyright to publish, reproduce, distribute and grant reprinting permission to any other publishing agency or company to publish/distribute the article, including diagrams, maps and images online and in hard paper formats, wireless and all electronic digital formats and all other formats and media to be invented in future and for any number of copies at any time.
  • Submission: While submitting any piece of writing or illustration or Research Paper, Book review or publishing content with us for publication, the authors understand that the same has not been sent or is not being considered for publication elsewhere.       

  • Copyright Permission from others: Authors are responsible for getting the permission from Copyright Holders for reproduction of articles, long quotations, diagrams, maps and images in the articles, essays or illustrations that they submit for publication in the journal.

  • Copyright Violation: In case of copyright violation or/and plagiarism solely the author/s will remain responsible and the publisher of the Jai Maa Saraswati Gyandayni  an International Multidisciplinary e-Journal  cannot be held responsible and made a party to such cases.     

  • No Payment: The publisher does not pay any royalty to authors or artists for their article or work or works which has been accepted, under review and published.      

  • Formatting: Authors will have to prepare the final Manuscript in accordance with the followings:-(i)-All manuscripts either must be in Language : English
    (ii)-FONT : Times New Roman

(iii)-Size : 12
(iv)-Line Spacing : 1.5 LINE SPACING
(v)-Line Spacing : Double Spaced and submitted only as MS Word 2003-2007
(vii)-Covering letter must contain Title of the research paper, Author Names, Designation, Official Address, E-mail address & Abstract of content.

Research article will published online so that they must comes under following criteria:

Research Paper:-Upto 20 pages
Article:-Upto 20 pages
Essay:-Upto 15 pages
Short Narration:-Upto 1000 Words

  • Sharing: The published contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Anybody can share any material for non-commercial purpose.

  • Archiving: Authors and others can archive contents of the journal following the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License for academic and non-commercial purposes.    

  • Refund Policy: Institutional Funding Fee  are required after the acceptance of the manuscript for publication. The Journal/Publisher shall not issue refunds or cancellations of any kind after the acceptance of the manuscript.      

  • Fee Waiver Policy: We also have a waiver policy for economically weaker contributors/authors. It is a request based policy the author is required to mentioned Cleary about asking for “Institutional Fee Waiver”.       

  • NOTE: Journal, Jai Maa Saraswati Gyandayni  an International Multidisciplinary e-Journal  and Publisher, WELFARE UNIVERSE Reserves the right to change/modify the term(s) and Condition of the Journal at any time without having any prior Intimation or Information.