A Historical Prospective of Dalit Organization in Uttarakhand


  • Dr. Ranjana Rawat


Caste and untouchability in an integral part of Indian Society. In a unique historical event and is different from the other societies of the world. In ancient Indian society the process of organization had developed an idea of pollution throughout India. This is a unique phenomenon found in India Hindu society that a person who is born as untouchable and dies as untouchable, while the act of pollution in other societies could be changed into sacredness. So they are forced to live outside the village and kept away from the social amenities.  There was no mobility for the untouchable classes, because the upper caste Hindus were not allowing them to enjoy some privileges. However, the upper castes of Hindu society enjoyed privileges, while depressed classes were socially, economically and educationally poor. At this point of time, where the caste prejudices were so high social reformers and constitution makers thought that, unless the caste prejudice, inequality, discrimination were removed from the society it would not be possible to have a prosperous and igalitarian society.


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