Psychological convulsions of Rented Womb


  • Dr. Manpreet Kaur Rajpal


Surrogacy, Intended parents, Assisted Reproductive Techniques, Ivf, Artificial insemination


The desire to procreate is a very fundamental attribute of the Human race. Sadly though, many are denied the joy of Parenthood due to several reasons, biological or otherwise. With the developments in Reproductive Sciences and Technologies the barriers to Parenthood are no longer as formidable as they once were. The New Reproductive Techniques have opened many ways to cater a
child of their own. Out of many, Surrogacy is one in vogue from the last decade. Surrogacy is a rented womb wherein a Surrogate mother conceives for the intended parents and after the delivery handover the child in lieu of monetary remuneration or in rare cases due to love and affection. Undoubtedly, Surrogacy is a boon for the infertile and desirous couples but at the same time there are many demerits of the same. The researcher has tried in the paper to throw light on various darker side of the Surrogacy but in particular my primary emphasis is on the Psychological toll which becomes a regular part of everyone involved in Surrogacy ie Surrogate Mother, Surrogate Child and the intended parents.

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