A Study on Mental Toughness Among Hockey Players of Thiruvallur District (Avadi Town)


  • Irudayaraj. N,
  • Ahmed Shahin


Mental toughness, Hockey players


The present study was to find out the mental toughness of Men Hockey Players in Thiruvallur
district (Avadi town). The sample consisted of 100 men hockey players which comprised of 50
players who had represented at inter college level (Group I) and the other 50 were working class
who had represented district levels from various clubs and associations (Group II).. The age of the subjects ranged between 18 to 35 years. Independent randomized research design was used for this study as the subjects were selected randomly from Thiruvallur distrtict. Two independent groups college and non college hockey players, Mental Toughness by Lochr et al. (1992) questionnaire was administrated to ascertain the mental toughness. The collected data were subjected to statistical treatment to find out any difference between the groups in the depended variable selected using independent ‘t’ test. The result showed that the players who had and Non College Hockey Players do not differ significantly on Mental Toughness.


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