Women Empowerment and Food Security in India: Challenges and Prospects


  • Dr. Aprajeeta Singh


Empowerment, Food Security, Development, Gender, Rural Credit, Self help Groups


Women are the building blocks of any nation. Empowerment of women means the empowerment of the entire nation. The word “empowerment” denotes the process of getting access to resources and utilities needed for a well flourished life. Women form a crucial element in the family as they provide as a strong base for the development and upliftment of the household. Education of women means the enlightment of the family and if women will own decision making capabilities, then they can have a better control over their lives. Empowerment is a positive concept and it requires an affirmative state action in support of women who need to be empowered. Rural credit and self help groups play a crucial role in women empowerment especially in rural areas. Various definitions have been propounded on gender by authors like Epstein, Chodorow, and Blumberg who emphasize that gender inequalities are not only imposed but also internalized. Food security is another factor that can lead to better structured societies and thus help women organize and execute their development plans effectively. This article strives to comprehend the concept of women empowerment and food security and analyze their connectivity. Government schemes like “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” have helped societies realize the significance of women education and upliftment.


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