Problems of Unorganized Labourers-A Review Study


  • Sushil Kumar
  • Dr. Brij Mohan Gaur


Unorganized labourers,, Payment,, Welfare,, Social Security and Safety measures.


This study is an attempt to know the problems of unorganized labourers. Labourers of unorganized sector are facing the various kinds of problems of work place like payment, welfare, safety, Payment; welfare and safety measures are necessary to do work at any work place, which are properly given by employer and regulate by appropriate government, unfortunately these are main problems of work for unorganized labourers as well as scheduled labourers. Payment of labourers is main problem of unorganized labourers which is given on the basis of piece rate and time rate. Unorganized labourers are the direct part of production in every industry but problems of unorganized labourers in every industry are the same. Employers want more and more economic benefits so the unorganized labourers are exploited by them by less payment, less safety measures, less welfare.




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