A Study Of Stress Management Of School Teachers In Bodinayakanur


  • Dr. S. Eswaramoorthi
  • S. Kanchana Devi
  • K. Mathankumar


Stress Management, Chi-Square, Concept of Stress etc.


This paper gives a brief analysis of stress management of school teacher in Bodinayakanur. Each and every day, in all walks of life we come across stress.  People wish for a stress free life. Such a task would be impossible to achieve. Stress is a part and parcel of our lives. The present study is undertaken to study how deeply the school teachers are affected by the stress and the impact of the stress on their profession and to find out the ways to overcome stress difficulties. This study surveyed 300 teacher’s opinions to determine the satisfaction level regarding the different stress of the teachers. Finally conclusions were drawn and suggestions were offered.


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