Globalization And Women In India


  • Anurag Singh


Globalization, inevitable process, Impact of Economy, challenges for Indian women


Globalization is an inevitable process in the present socio-economic scenario. Every aspect of our life is affecting by it, every section of our society-rural people, tribal people, peasants, labours and women are influencing by it. The paper will give an overview of the forces of globalization have in store for the women of India are in the rural-urban and organized-unorganized sectors, tribal areas. Socially the majority of Indian women are still tradition bounded is in a disadvantageous position. Since globalization is opening up the Indian society for the world. Globalization is affecting our society negatively and positively both. It has opened new employment opportunities for Indian women in the urban areas, metro cities. Women who have been involved with production in the traditional ways have to cope with numerous problems and yet try to avail of the opportunities which an open economy promises. In the new globalised era, there are many challenges which Indian women are facing in every sphere of life- social, political, economic, educational and cultural. "The personal is political" is true in the present scenario. Research methodology used in this paper is based on secondary data.


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