Decision Behaviour of Pepper Growers in India


  • Dr. V. Balamurugan
  • M. Rubini


Pepper Cultivation, Decision Behaviour, Garrett Ranking Technique


This paper attempts to study the decision behavior of Pepper growers in Kerala, on analyzing using Garrett Ranking Technique, the first and foremost reason for preferring Indigenous varieties was ‘Consistent Yield of Pepper’ with mean score of 62.52, in analyzing factors responsible for the low productivity of pepper was ‘Pests and Diseases’. To increase the productivity the preventive measures to be taken with the support of biological research department. In analyzing the factors influencing the growers to sell pepper to village trader, ‘Convenient Sale Possibility’ was with mean score of 64.15 because the growers can sell their produce on any day and at any time to the village traders. If they want to sell their produce in assembling market which is far away from the production centers, they have to incur more on transportation by spending more time.


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