Political Paralysis and Institution of Lokpal In India: An Analysis


  • Dr. Pawan Kr Mishra


The state has undergone a number of changes since the Second World War. The government has as increasing number of functions to perform in the modern democratic setup. As a result, administrative agencies have come into the picture in order to overcome hardship faced in the political administration of the state. The increase in the wide functions of the government has led to the emergence of the powers in the hands of the administrative authorities have to deal with public administration ,it is only but natural that a system has to evolved which recognizes the rights of the members of the public to know what goes on the workings of administration. The increasing number of administrative authorities has unfortunately led to a rise in the number of faults and corruption committed by public officials. One of the remedies available to an aggrieved person under administrative action is to make a complaint to an Ombudsman or Lokpal.The Lokpal as an institution was supposed to act as a watchdog over the integrity of ministers and the members of Parliament. This paper has been written to find out the definition of Lokpal, its origin and development. Apart from studying its utility in foreign countries, emphasis will be laid on its implementation in India.




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