Model study scheme for Computer Engineering at graduation level in Indian Universities


  • Amanpreet Kaur
  • Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal


This paper is an attempt to propose an ideal study scheme for Computer engineering programme in Indian Universities to keep pace with the practices in foreign Universities and ever demanding global market. Present curriculum of Computer engineering is quite rigid and largely outdated in Indian Universities which fails in evolving good technical skills and attitude in young engineering graduates. In last century, world has witnessed a huge change in technology where IT sector occupying a huge base in developing world economy. In last three decades, India has contributed a number of talented IT professionals to the world but with the increase in privatization, globalisation and technological explosion, it lacked proper syllabus up gradation. This has lead to a crowd of clueless graduates unemployed or underemployed with inappropriate skill set. The major reason is the lack of flexibility in the nature and contents of courses being offered specially at undergraduate level. Therefore, this paper thrusts upon the need of adequate and flexible study scheme. Thus, an empirical survey of the stakeholders i.e. Computer engineering students, teachers and IT employees has been conducted to reach the conclusion.


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