Impact of Stress In Indian Society


  • Dr. K.B. Srivastava
  • Shshank Shekhear Singh


A man is a socialist person in his life there are many works to be done and many responsibilities to be accomplished. All these works in man's life result's in direct & indirect pressure on his mind which actually results in stress. All these events can be turn into Negative or positive stress. At the sometime, it is a certainly wrong to conclude that stress is always bad. Positive stress results in motivation and it may force people to focus more sharply on the problems. Negative stress severs and persists for long period of time it can be harmful. It can lead to poor performance which will be demonization. 

Married Man or Unmarried Man will have different levels of stress. Same as unemployed person and employed person will also have different levels of stress. But it is fairly easy to conclude that everyone lives under a certain amount of stress. In fact the only people or person without stress is dead. Stress can be disruptive to an individual as any accident. Growing of stress results to health diseases and are also may on causes of death.


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