Effectiveness Of Whole Language Approach On Reading Skill In English Of Secondary School Students


  • Dr. M. Jesa,
  • Byju Mathew


Effectiveness of Language, Reading Skills, Communication Skills, Teaching Skills


We make sense of the world and make ourselves available to the world on the wings of the linguistic medium and once the wings are broken, we are extinct. Seated at a remote corner of this Twenty first century global village, we no longer feel the distancing thanks to our say in the Lingua Franca in terms of our capacity to listen, speak, read and write. Latest researches on reading as a language skill, explains the meaning making process as a platform for higher order skills. But in spite of the curricular components and co-curricular programmes to nourish Reading in foreign language, the secondary level teachers complain the low levels of interest in reading followed by low level of reading comprehension among English as Second Language Learners. Among the probable reasons, the approach of teaching English Language has been pointed out by the teachers. The present article is the report of an experimental research study on the effect of Whole Language Approach on reading skill of secondary school students in Kerala.


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