Audhogikikaran Evam Nagrikaran se Badta Bhoo-Jal Pradooshan (Rastriya Rajdhani Kshetra Alwar Khand ka Kshetriya Addhyan)

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Water is life. There is no alternative to it, every drop of it is the same as nectar. The rapidly declining water level in the country has created a serious problem of drinking water and irrigation in front of human life. According to the Central Ground Water Department, out of 237 blocks in Rajasthan, there are only 31 blocks where the ground water situation is satisfactory. Everyone else has come into the dark zone. Due to increasing population, agricultural production and industrialization etc., the demand for water is continuously increasing. It is very important to increase agricultural production in proportion to the population from this limited water. According to agro-climatic conditions, commercial crops are being promoted by not sowing water-demanding crops. And due to continuous agricultural activities, the mixture of fertilizers and nitrate in surface water and ground water increases. Testing of water samples from various villages due to the use of chemical fertilizers revealed that the amount of nitrate in the groundwater of these areas has reached dangerous levels. Nitrogen fertilizers flow through rivers, streams, etc. and accumulate in water sources. Land treatment, seed treatment and vegetables are indiscriminately used by indiscriminate use of deadly banned pesticides such as endosulfon, aldrin and forate, which flow along with rainwater into ponds, reservoirs, canals and anis, and sometimes into underground water. Which has adverse effects on humans and aquatic organisms. The quality of ground water has declined due to over-exploitation of water by industrial units from under-breaking borewells and merger of contaminated water into ground water through closed borewells in the water treatment plant.

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