Impulsivity And Decision-Making Ability In Patients With Depression: A Comparative Study

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Dr. Ritika Divan
Dr. Santosh Kumar Chaurasia


The study was done to evaluate the impulsivity and ability for making a decision in severe Depression and to examine their relationship with their relatives in first-degree and healthy matched comparison control group. The study had a cross-sectional design with purposive sampling of 3 groups with 40 subjects each. Patients with depression and their relatives of first-degree and healthy matched normal comparison control group were assessed using General health questionnaire, Beck Depression Inventory, Barrat Impulsivity scale and Decision style inventory. The result shows a higher extent of impulsivity in patients with severe depressive disorder on the Barrat impulsivity Scale in which impairment in aspects of attention, motor, and planning facet was reported in patients in relation to their relatives of first degree they also reported impairment in motor facet as related to matched normal comparison control group and a marked impairment in performance is reported in decision-making ability of patients compared to their relatives of the first degree and healthy matched comparison control group.

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Dr. Ritika Divan, & Dr. Santosh Kumar Chaurasia. (2021). Impulsivity And Decision-Making Ability In Patients With Depression: A Comparative Study. Research Inspiration, 6(IV), 06–08.


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