Moral Education Within Higher Education-Todays Concern


  • Harishankar Singh Kansana


Conscience, value education, cultural ethos, inculcating values, enlighten, ethics


Education systems at colleges and universities level have greater responsibility of shaping future of lakhs of youths which are adding them regularly to the work force of our country. To provide those suitable jobs and upgrading their entrepreneurship level is must for growth of economy. At the same time we must gave priority to the herculean task of training them for social welfare activities. Higher education in India have emphasized more on building education infrastructure, institutional arrangements, designing courses and making arrangements for delivering of information but these things will not helped us in creating value laden knowledge society. It is time to reward exemplary services by employees working in different areas of government as well as private sector. By rewarding their good work we are making appraisal of their service motive earned by the teachings of their institutions. Higher educations have bigger responsibility to preserve the real sense of knowledge.


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