Blended Learning-A Most Successful Learning Methodology


  • Dr. D. Sumathi
  • Mrs. Shyla Gnanam Ebenezer


Teaching strategies, Traditional methods, Emerging e-learning, Learning platforms, Fulfill the Students needs.


Blended Learning outlines a number of teaching strategies that include face-to-face instruction and personalized, student-directed, computer-generated learning programs. The balance between the two approaches varies between schools, but the key strategy is common to all: use digital technology at a personal level to overcome the most common barriers to learning, including time, financial resources, space, and different learning skills and speed. Mixed learning transcends barriers of time, space, and culture and creates many improved opportunities for students and faculty. The purpose of this paper is to explore the benefits associated with learning that provide learning literacy for students. The benefits of using integrated learning to enhance students' knowledge and the success factors of integrated learning modules have also been found.


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