Comprehensive Consumer perspective of E-Commerce models


  • Ishani Saxena


E-Commerce, Online Shopping, Information Technology, Transactions, Electronic Fund Transfer, Logistics management, Finance, Investment


E-Commerce is a transaction of funds for the exchange of goods or buying and selling of commodities to a digital platform. It has enormous economic effects in the future which is changing the total structure of running the business. Online shopping and retailing are the other forms of e-commerce, allowing the customer to shop through a web browser. In the 21st century, the growth and productivity in different fields like Information technology, economic and social have been greatly affected by e-commerce. It has reduced trade inefficiencies and developed backward countries to enhance the growth of economics with international competitors. For a better understanding of e-commerce, it is needed to identify the terminologies used for assessment of their usage and origin. Terms related to e-commerce are institutional security framework, (which involves data security, privacy issues, information reliability), electronic fund transfer, logistics management, inventory control, online transactions and their processing, automated data collection, internet marketing, etc. are possible with the help of mobile commerce as with the increased usage of gadgets like smart phones and tablets, e-commerce is accessible in urban and rural areas. These factors affect the end-user in obtaining electronic trade, finance, and investment to large extent.


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